Mutu is at the heart of Maytaq Wasin. Serving carefully selected Peruvian and International dishes, it's where our guests gravitate to eat, drink and relax in Cusco.

We've taken great care in creating our menu and we continue to refine it based on customer feedback. Our guests have direct hotel access to the restaurant and we've created a lower and upper level for additional privacy and areas to relax in. Mutu also hosts various festivities and private events throughout the year and invites local bands to play their latest music. We invite you to take a look at our menu and drinks menu and reserve a table.

The name MUTU comes from two very special words in the Quechua language: “MUNAY” and “TUSUY”. Munay is an ancient word used by our ancestors to describe the love the creator has for its creation. Love for the people, their roots, and the land that provides to all living beings. Tusuy means dance. We believe MUTU brings together our Andean roots, Contemporary Peruvian cuisine and International Classics into a lovely dance surrounded by beautiful local art.